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C’est bientôt le week-end. Je suis en train de récupèrer un gros gros gros fichier sur l’Intranet du taf, donc j’ai un peu de temps pour poster.

Pour les quelques pèlerins égarés qui ne le sauraient pas encore, je suis en stage chez IBM France, à La Défense dans la ‘raaaaande tour Descartes qui est toute zoulie, même qu’à l’intérieur c’est un peu à labyrinthe et qu’on pourrait en faire un pur niveau de Q3. Tout se passe bien, les collègues sont très sympa, l’ambiance est cool, j’ai un ThinkPad (un vieux, mais qui est déjà très très bien) sur lequel je me suis empressé d’installer une Debian, bref ça roule.

Et comme c’est d’usage et que j’avais très très envie de le faire :

What song
1] makes you want to dance:
Harvey Dangel – Flagpole Sitta
2] makes you happy:
Blur – Song2
3] reminds you of an ex-lover:
Yann Tiersen – La Noyee
4] reminds you of an ex-friend:
Nirvana – Very Ape
5] describes your relationship with your parents:
Therapy? – Stories
6] makes you cry:
Day One – I’m Doing Fine
7] makes you laugh:
Ludwin Van 88 – 110m Haies
8] makes you ponder life:
Urban Dance Squad – Demagogue
9] says a lot about you:
Pearl Jam – Sleight Of Hand
10] reminds you of the one you love:
Archive – The Pain Gets Worse
11] you wish you wrote:
Renaud – Morgane De Toi
12] you never want to hear again:
Toto – Africa
13] you want played at your funeral:
Michael Gettel – When All Is Quiet
14] you want to get married to:
Craig Armstrong – Let’s Go Out Tonight
15] makes friends think of you:
Korn – Ass Itch
16] you once loved but got sick of:
Spin Doctors – Two Princes
17] you love by a band/artist you hate:
Alliance Ethnik – 5 Heures Du Mat
18] you sheepishly admit to liking:
Alphonse Brown – Le Frunkp
19] makes you want to mosh/bang you head:
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
20] you’d do anything to see played live:
System Of A Down – Toxicity
21] reminds you of your childhood:
Serge Gainsbourg – La Javanaise
22] sums up your teenage years:
The Breeders – Cannonball
23] most people like but you hate:
TATU, Tout Saez, tout Avril Lavigne, et toute la variété française et internationale
24] you love the lyrics of:
Pearl Jam – Given To Fly
25] you used to hate but now love :
La chanson de Destiny’s Child remixée par 2 Many DJs. Je détestais l’originale, j’adore le remix.
26] is best played in the car:
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
27] you like to fall asleep to:
This Mortal Coil – Song To The Siren
28] you like to wake up to:
Korn – Make me bad
29] you like out of your parents record collection:
Pink Floyd – The Wall
30] you love that you wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend:
Joydrop – Sometimes
31] makes you think of someone who died:
Craig Armstrong – Hymn
32] you love the video more than the tune:
Robbie Williams – Rock DJ
33] reminds you of your first crush:
Tanita Tikaram – Twist In My Sobriety
34] is good to listen to whilst holding hands:
Death In Vegas – Rematerialized
35] you love which is from your favourite movie:
The Pixies – Where Is My Mind
36] makes you think of the moon:
Police – Walking On The Moon
37] makes you think of stars:
Smash Mouth – All Star
38] makes you think of the sun:
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
39] makes you think of the night:
Dire Straits – On Every Street
40] makes you think of sex:
41] makes you think of being alone:
Weezer – Undone (the sweater song)
42] makes you smile:
Blair – Pomme de Terre
43] you love to hear at clubs:
Legend B – Lost In Love
44] is not your “typical type” of style but you love anyway:
IAM – Attentat II
45] reminds you of your best mate:
Rammstein – Engel
46] reminds you of your siblings:
Amon Tobin – Nightlife
47] reminds you of the one you want but can’t have:
Day One – Ballroom Dancing
48] you can sing really well:
Pearl Jam – Wishlist
49] you love which is instrumental:
Craig Armstrong – Escape
50] has only been released recently but you love already:
Massive Attack – Special Cases

Phew ! Ça a été dur de pas citer deux fois le même morceau, par moments.

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