London is so awesome

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Where am I ? At the 20th Century Fox, Soho Square, London UK. Why do I write this post in english ? Because I cannot decently imagine writing anything in french as long as I’m in there. Currently waiting for a transfer to finish. 4 GB at 10 Mbps. Takes a pretty long time, thanks to Windows 2000 refusing to setup a 1 Gb card to transfer faster than 10 Mbps. Thinking there are people actually enjoying using this piece of shit drives me crazy. Enough. Having a look at the posters around – a giant “Simpsons” one with all the series characters on it : I’d kill to have it.

I love London. This city is just incredible. Everytime I get there I feel something like magic. You can’t compare with Paris, they’re simply not the same. Places different. Weather different. People different.

English people are weird – they invented Marmite, do not forget this – but they’re so… british. I think that’s what makes them so different. And so interesting. And so enjoyable. Definetly more than your average french dumb-ass.

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