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Friends, I know this blog has been french-only written for seven years now, but I need this moment to thank some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met.

I am jetlagged, tired, back into my cold appartment, but my thoughts are still with you guys in Boston and New York City and they’re warming my heart.
Thank you Hugo, if I had a brother I would have wanted him to be exactly like you, those ten days will remain forever in my memory as the best vacation ever and I know it would never have been the same without you.
Thank you Axel, since you’re my bro’s bro I guess it makes you sort of my bro as well (yeah, logic is my thing as you can see), I hope that your studies will lead you right where you want to and that you’ll fulfill your dreams.
Thank you Gino, the nights spent at those parties have been the most incredible I’ve ever lived and, man, I gotta see Benicio Del Toro IRL that’s simply awesome. You’ll notice that I forgot my scarf at your place, which of course will be my best excuse to crash your place again sometime :)
Thank you Glenn, you and Amanda are a lovely couple and I wish you live great days together since you guys are some of the kindest people ever. Go go go with the Shifty Hifty thing that was hilarious, and thank you for all the great music you made me discover.
Thank you Meredith, you are so cool and funny it’s a shame I did not have the chance to say goodbye on sunday, but I had to rush to get a taxi. I hope you have fun in Miami and that we’ll be crashing hotel bars drinking B52s together again !
Thank you Gina for your kindness, you deserve the best and I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful teacher. I’m confident you’ll be taking the right decisions with your life and should you ever need some fresh air, come pay us a visit !

Thank you all for your generosity and friendship and I’m sure we’ll meet again: you’re more than welcome in Paris and if you need a place to crash my appartment’s door is already open for you. I miss you guys already. See ya, fellas.

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Commentaire de Trem_r

16/11/2009 @ 19:26

Et Lady Gaga ? Tu l’as rencontrée Lady Gaga ?

Commentaire de Xavier

16/11/2009 @ 22:33


Commentaire de Gonzague

17/11/2009 @ 0:37

i’m quite envious

Commentaire de kwyxz

17/11/2009 @ 12:21

And nobody noticed that I’d written “my door’s appartment” instead of “my appartment’s door” :D

Commentaire de choda

17/11/2009 @ 17:40

But every noticed you can’t spell “apartment” right :)

Commentaire de kwyxz

17/11/2009 @ 18:34

Holy crap, I hereby invoke the jetlag excuse -_-

Commentaire de batou

18/11/2009 @ 10:42



Commentaire de Canard

20/12/2009 @ 16:33

Puis, “I gotta see” et “I got to see”, c’est pas la meme chose.
Bah la prochaine que tu es a NYC, fais moi signe, on prendra un verre.

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